dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Welcome to the Bahrain Online Library


The sole purpose of this blog is to make available a small selection of books about Bahrain from private sources to anyone that is interested. The current unrest in the Middle East and the growing interest in the politics and society, but also in the culture and history of the Kingdom of Bahrain have convinced me that it is important to make as much information available to people as possible so that they can make educated choices about the important cause of Bahrain that small as it, has come to play an important role in shaping our ideas about foreign policy, economy and the future of the democratic world wherever you are. I will do my best to keep this library updated and to verify links from time to time, in case that a link doesn't work or that you might want to volunteer some other material, please don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter - . This is not an space for political discussion, case in which there are several channels, forums, Twitter discussions, Facebook groups, college campuses and especially real life meetings with people that share our interests. Thanks for visiting and peace be upon the people of Bahrain. Now let's get started. In order to keep the links functional and to keep them from being taken down, please do not repost links in other sites, download and share independently.

Thank you!

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