dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Tribe and State in Bahrain: The Transition of Social and Political Authority in an Arab State

An all-times classic written by an authority, Fuad Khuri, late professor at AUB, it is so far one of the best books on Bahrain, considering all the social, religious and ethnic divisions inside the island nation. The book is a bit old since it was written in the 1970's but it is still important since it was written after the constitution of 1975 and remains a classic among those studying Bahraini history even though it's not very well-known outside those circles. How useful this book could possibly be, you can tell from this very interesting blog http://bahrainipolitics.blogspot.com/2011/06/most-dangerous-men-in-bahrain.html

For now this old link http://www.scribd.com/doc/49926979/Tribe-and-State-in-Bahrain as time permits will do a fresh upload. It just took too long today and am out of patience.

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