dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Belgrave Diaries

This important book, "Belgrave Diary", is a very important historical narration of events written by Belgrave, a British citizen and adviser to the rulers of Bahrain from 1926 until 1957, as he was working for the ruler of Bahrain and then for the government. In this book he lists important details about the development of the country in many levels and documents the relationship of Belgrave with the ruling family of Bahrain. The book contains precise details that the authorities of Bahrain have not wanted to be publicly discussed, in particular dealing with sectarian discrimination, appropriation of land and distribution of wealth. It also includes information about the opposition to the government at the time that are unknown to most people nowadays. The book was banned by the Ministry of Information in Bahrain as we know from this link provided by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights http://bahraincenter.blogspot.com/2010/06/banning-one-of-most-significant.html and for your information it is no longer available via Amazon not even as out of print stock.

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